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Small Zinc Alloy Die Cast Components

FisherCast    FisherCast Global

Fishercast uses hot chamber, direct injection, automatic die casting machines, manufactured by their parent company, Fisher Gauge Limited, to produce components that do not require trimming or deburring. Maintaining close tolerances with infinite repeatability, Fishercast is second to none.

Zinc alloys offer versatility, dependability, cost effectiveness and offer mechanical properties of medium strength metals. ACuZinc®, a new high performance alloy, is also available.

  • ISO/QS-9000
  • Complex shapes with close tolerances
  • Part-to-part consistency
  • Flash-free, net shape components
  • Zinc and zinc-aluminum alloys
  • Complete engineering services
  • Chromates, platings and various coatings available
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Zinc alloy die cast components are used in the following industries, among others: automotive, industrial control, appliance, electronics, power tool, hardware, computers, and telecommunications.
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ACuZinc® is a registered Trademark of General Motors Corporation.


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Kinetics produces high quality components that meet your specifications by managing the design and fabrication of all tooling, equipment installations and upgrades, and preventative maintenance programs. Their Quality Assurance team handles all statistics implementation, designed experimentation, 1st article inspections, in-process and final inspection, gage design, quality plans, and also drives our continuous quality improvement efforts.                     

  • Metal Injection Molding
  • Design Assistance
  • Process Engineering
  • Tooling and Facilities Engineering 




Zinc Comparison Chart

Brochure, design guides, and samples available in New England while quantities last.


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